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To honor means to remember,
to respect, to pay homage to,
to salute, to recognize.

Theatrical Synergy Productions was pleased to present a reading of Act I of this show on January 26.  We wanted to honor all women who served their country in Vietnam. 

We have been able to secure a venue and Producer, the Lakeshore Arts Alliance, and continue to raise funds to allow us to present the show as a full stage production this fall, beginning on September 11.

The show on 9/11 will be a tribute to all active-duty and veterans; anyone with military ID will be admitted for free and given the best seats in the house.  We will also be making a special presentation on September 20 to remember POW/MIAs.

A Piece of My Heart
Upcoming Show:
A Piece of My Heart
by Shirley Lauro
September 11-21, 2013
Red Barn Theatre

Theatrical Synergy strives to bring you shows that are socially responsible, that make you think, and that bring issues into the public eye.

These shows cannot happen without your support.

We've launched an indiegogo campaign to help with the current show, A Piece of My Heart -- Please visit the site and do whatever you can to help out. If you aren't able to help out monetarily, please help us instead by spreading the link though FaceBook or Twitter or Pinterest!

We'd welcome your financial support, or your in-kind support: we will need back stage help, costumes (uniforms), consulting, and other personal help. Contact us at the email or phone numbers below to volunteer.

If you are able to financially support this show (or a future show), you may make a direct PayPal payment at any time to the PayPal address underwrite@theatricalsynergy.com

If you would like to be credited in the program for your donation, or would like to exclusively support a particular show, please email us at that same address:  underwrite@theatricalsynergy.com

Your support is always welcome via US Mail as well; our mailing address is:

Theatrical Synergy Productions
94 Old Mill Dr Unit 6
Holland MI  49423

(616) 396-4969

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