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To honor means to remember,
to respect, to pay homage to,
to salute, to recognize.

Theatrical Synergy Productions was pleased to present a reading of Act I of this show on January 26.  We wanted to honor all women who served their country in Vietnam. 

We have been able to secure a venue and Producer, the Lakeshore Arts Alliance, and continue to raise funds to allow us to present the show as a full stage production this fall, beginning on September 11.

The show on 9/11 will be a tribute to all active-duty and veterans; anyone with military ID will be admitted for free and given the best seats in the house.  We will also be making a special presentation on September 20 to remember POW/MIAs.

A Piece of My Heart
Upcoming Show:
A Piece of My Heart
by Shirley Lauro
September 11-21, 2013
Red Barn Theatre
Theatrical Synergy:
The founding members, Margo Ramos Kendall and Ed Walters, both began their theatrical experiences decades ago.

Margo has been involved in theatre since she was a small child, from kindergarten on, through her time at Regina Dominican High School; then she majored in Theater at Indiana Univeristy, and earned a Graduate-level Theatre teacher's certification at Loyola. Later, she worked with Carousel Dinner Theatre, as well as numerous other community and professional companies, including locally the Holland Civic Theatre and the Red Barn Playhouse. She is our resident Director and creative force on stage for Theatrical Synergy.  During the day, she works for the Office Of Multicultural Education at Hope College, here in Holland, MI

Ed played the male lead in his second grade play, and the very next year, ran lights instead. He's always been the tech guy. He puts the productions together. He spent a couple decades supporting touring musical acts, from quintessential crooners like Steve and Eydie and Tony Bennett to award winning rock bands.  Also a former teacher and current school board Trustee, he has worked with many local school drama groups and community theatres. He operates a local business called The Solution LLC, which provides exactly that -- solutions for audio, video, presentation, lighting and control.

Margo and Ed are ably assisted by a few others with similar goals. 

Russell Gallas is Directing this fall's production of A Piece of My Heart; Kristin Underhill (gaffgirl) is our visual/projection/charge painter, and we are also aided by many others.

We always appreciate the input others can give; if you'd like to be involved, contact us at margo@theatricalsynergy.com

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